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With me you will create the most selling course! Together we will launch your personal brand and launch the coolest course.
Kristina Brusnitsyna
The creator of the unique Velvet Lips technique, which won the hearts of masters all over the world. More than 5,000 masters from Europe and the USA have taken my online courses.
Your mentor in the world of PMU
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  • Creation of a training program in an online or offline format.
  • Analysis of the program of my basic course.
  • Create a sales profile header.
  • Creation of a content plan.
  • How to create your own manual/book.
  • Step by step algorithm how to create a course online.
  • How to make people want to buy the course?
  • How to make yourself known? Everyone in your country recognized you.
  • Your personal brand. Creation from 0.
  • Consultations with Christina.
  • Attestation and obtaining a certificate of completion of the program.
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Inststagram: @brusnitsyna_permanent
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